Kenwood kMix Stand Mixers

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixers

The Kenwood kMix is the perfect blend of colourful, retro styling and classic Kenwood reliability and performance. The ergonomically designed controls and easy-fit attachment outlets are all conveniently placed at the front of the machine.

The great retro design of the Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer isn’t the only thing that harks back to tradition. This kitchen machine sticks to the expected tasks of mixing, kneading, whisking and whipping

With a 5 litre stainless steel bowl with large handle, 500W motor, planetary mixing action, and a range of clever attachments to choose from, the kMix comfortably handles large quantities of ingredients and the stiffest of doughs.

The unique fold function enables the bowl tool to revolve 2.5 times to perfectly incorporate ingredients without losing air, which is important in baking mixtures

The advanced electronic speed control ensures that you carefully and smoothly build up to the desired speed without causing spillage of the bowl contents.

For added safety the kMix Stand Mixer automatically stops if the head is lifted.

You can be sure the kMix Stand Mixer only uses high quality, tested components and attachments to enable you to create great food, every day, every time.

Kenwood kMix Key Features

Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer Key Features1. Slow Speed Outlet

The slow speed attachment outlet increases your machines functionality with a variety of optional attachments.

2. Total Mixing Action

kMix Stand Mixer has a Total Mixing action that enables the tools to rotate whilst traveling around the inside of bowl, and reach all areas of the bowl ensuring ingredients are completelymixed.

3. Bowl5-yr-guarantee-right-promo-box

Polished 5 litre bowl with large handle beautifully combining form and function.

4. 500w Power

At 500W, the kMix Stand Mixer is perfect for making even heavy dough loads up to 1.35kg.

5. Auto Stop

For added safety the kMix Stand Mixer automatically stops if the head is lifted.

6. Advanced Electronic Speed Control

Advanced electronic speed control ensures that you carefully and smoothly build up to the desired speed without causing spillage of the bowl contents


The Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer is a stylish and easy-to-use gadget that is a mandatory piece of art in any modern kitchen. The body of the mixer is ergonomically designed, and the controls with easy-to-fit attachments are placed in front for the convenience of everyone using it. The mixer is suitable for mixing large quantities of ingredients with its 500-watt power base and 5-liter stainless steel bowl. Delicate mixing is possible with the mixer’s unique extra slow speed function, which also allows to mix baking mixtures without losing air. This is extremely important to make the best out of your baking endeavors.

The Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer helps to bring form and function together in creating the most indulgent recipes that you can imagine. The ingredients are well mixed in the bowl and Kenwood mixers have always proven to be winners in this department. The Kenwood bowl rotates in a planetary way while all other mixer bowls would move in a circular motion. While the mixer is revolving in one direction, the socket would rotate in the opposite direction. This would ensure that all ingredients are picked up from all corners of the bowl, resulting in a thorough and perfect mix. This is a salient feature which is unique to the Kenwood kMix mixer. This is why the Kenwood mixer is receiving raving reviews from its users. The majority of the users are extremely satisfied about the performance of the Kenwood mixer.

The Kenwood mixture comes in three traditional colors (Almond, Raspberry and Peppercorn). The mixture is supplied with 3 non-stick mixing tools for specific baking functions. All these tools are dishwasher safe. They are the K-Beater, Dough Hook and the Balloon Whisk. The K-Beater consists of angled fins that could reach all corners of the bowl and is extremely versatile for any mixing job. The Balloon Whisk on the other hand, is perfect for creating whipped solutions that are quite foamy in nature. The tool is manufactured so that it would trap air while mixing and create maximum volume of the whisked solution. The Dough Hook would perfectly combine ingredients to product the best soft elastic dough ever. It would handle all the hard work on your behalf while creating such a dough. There are many interesting features of the Kenwood Stand mixer. Some of the most important are highlighted below.

  • The mixer has two power outlets. They are the slow speed power outlet and the bowl outlet. The slow speed outlet is positioned in front of the machine. It is ideal for the meat grinder and pasta extruder. The bowl outlet is to be used for the three specific bowl tools.
  • The 500-watt motor includes electronic speed control. The speed would start softly and be increased gradually. This would ensure that there is no mess or splashing when starting the machine.
  • The Kenwood kMix Stand mixer comes with a 5-year warranty. The mixer offers the customer great benefits including durability and sturdiness.

The Kenwood mixer is a mandatory piece of equipment in any modern kitchen.

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